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selector infected WIXOSS arrangement on the rule of the world from the episode 1 to 6

As always, this season is reaching almost the midst, every and any one season anime turns like hell, shamble, or purgatory.
As we can see the destination which they head for, I would like to put their present in order.
That indeed said, I watch a few anime, and if I put up only one, that is "selector infected WIXOSS".
I have no reason which has reason-looking reason, if dare, it does not look nothing but just simply dark one, and I feel somehow sympathy with it.


Though WIXOSS battle must distress the "selectors", the conclusion will not go one whichich is nothing but just simply dark, by the strength which the girls have originally.
That is the reason why I keep on watching this, apparently has no relief.

And crowing all, Ruuko's legs are so cute!

killy killy JOKER (TVアニメ「selector infected WIXOSS」オープニングテーマ) (初回限定盤)

killy killy JOKER (TVアニメ「selector infected WIXOSS」オープニングテーマ) (初回限定盤)


On the whole, this anime based on a card game called WIXOSS.
The purpose of this anime is diffusion of the game.
Of course, it is not the case that it does not do if it sacrifice both the interest itself as an opus and commercial success, it has made their work considerably closely.
Even if the anime itself did not sell itself, instead, their card itself does, that is a success in a sense.
As anime has such restrictions, it cannot be (normally) that such a conclusion, such as the characters ruin themselves and burn their cards.

the rule of WIXOSS

I myself have not played any card game, on the whole, shall we see an explanation written by an official page.




it does not come across to me at all, the abovementioned rule likely not to have strong influence on the anime directly, in any case, it is likely to be all right that we understand it as verily rough one such as "First punch, first served".

the rule of the anime

Anime has its own rule respectively as card game has.
Sometimes, there can be incoherent one, in respect of Okada Mari, the chief scenario-writer, is supposed to make the scenario go forth minutely in line with the rule of the anime from her works heretofore.

extracts from the episode 1

Yudzuki : 「説明してあげよう。」
Yudzuki : 「セレクターっていうのは、無限少女を目指して戦うWIXOSSプレイヤーのこと。」
Yudzuki : 「バトルに勝てば、プレイヤーは理想の自分になれる。」
Yudzuki : 「その姿こそが無限少女。」
Yudzuki : 「ま、そんなもんかな。」
Hanayo : 「厳密に言やあ、ちょいと違うね。無茶な願いや夢も可能にする、『自分』になれるってことさ。」
Hanayo : 「どんな夢でも願いでも可能にする、なんて、そりゃ幻想さ。でも、この『カード』はそいつを可能にする。」
Hanayo : 「その為には、バトルに勝ち続けなくちゃあならない。だけど、この意志あるルリグを持ったカードは、誰もが持っているものじゃあないんだ。」
Hanayo : 「選ばれた少女、セレクターだけ。」

Hanayo : 「ただ、これだけは忘れちゃいけない。バトルに3回負ければ、セレクターとしての資格を失うんだ。」
Ruuko : 「資格を?」
Hanayo : 「3回負けた時点であたしらは消える。あんたらの願いは叶えられることなく、無限少女の座を賭けたWIXOSSの世界は閉じる。」

extracts from the episode 2

Hanayo : 「あの時、バトルを止めたのは香月じゃなく教師だろう。」
Hanayo : 「カードの仕組みを知らない、全く関係のない人物が乱入したからこそのイレギュラーだ。」
Hanayo : 「それに、意図的にバトルを止めてしまえば、大きなペナルティがある。」

extracts from the episode 3

Midoriko : 「フィールドは、対戦者同士の相性を映し出すんだよ。」

Midoriko : 「セレクターが、無限少女に近づけば近づくほど、僕らルリグも、能力を得て、強くなっていくんだ。」


extracts from the episode 4

Midoriko : 「そっくりだね、タマとるう子。」
Midoriko : 「一衣の願いは、もうこれ以上、バトルをしなくても。」
Hanayo : 「いいのかい?本当にそれで。」
Midoriko : 「ああ。」
Hanayo : 「でも、それじゃあんた…」
Midoriko : 「いいんだ。」

Midoriko : 「僕、一衣のルリグじゃなければよかったな。」
Hanayo : 「それは言わない約束だよ。」
Midoriko : 「だよね。」

extracts from the episode 5

Midoriko : 「3回勝つと、無限少女になれるって言ったよね。」
Midoriko : 「逆に、3回、負けてしまったら…」

Hanayo : 「3回負けると、願いが叶わなくなるだけじゃない。」
Hanayo : 「その願いが、マイナスにまで落ちるんだ。」

Hanayo : 「例えば、富を得たいと思ったとする。」
Hanayo : 「バトルに負ければ、持っていた全てを失い、貧しさに喘ぐことになる。」
Hanayo : 「例えば、ピアノがうまくなりたいと願ったとする。」
Hanayo : 「弾けるピアノを失うか、弾ける体を失うか、とにかく、ピアノを失う人生を送る。」

Hanayo : 「一衣の願いは、『友達が欲しい』だった。その願いがマイナスになるということは」
Hanayo : 「それだけじゃない。二度と友達が作れなくなる。さっきの一衣を見ただろう。」
Hanayo : 「きっと、友達になりそうな因子を持つ人間に近づくと、激しい身体的苦痛を感じるようになったんだ。」
Hanayo : 「そして、3回負け、願いを賭けたバトルが終了してしまえば、セレクターとして関わった出来事は、全て忘れてしまうんだ。」

Hanayo : 「セレクターの戦いでもたらされた結果は、叶った願いも、叶わなかった願いも、もう覆すことはできない」

Midoriko : 「空が曇ってしまったね、一雨来そうだ。」
Midoriko : 「僕に泣く資格は無い。君の、大切な願いを奪ってしまった僕には。」

From the beforementioned statement, WIXOSS battle, selector, LRIG has chacteristics undermentioned.


  • battle is carried out on "field"
  • field reflects the congeniality betwixt both selectors
  • selector as third person has to receive penalty if she should interrupt a game.


  • she may become a mugen-shojo who can enable any irresonable wish or dream, when she won other selector three times.
  • her wish does not be fulfilled itself without condition(s), even if she won other selector three times.
  • the wish turns out to minus one, when she lose three times.
  • she forget all of events which she concerned with as a selector, when she lose three times.
  • she cannot interfere in the result of other ex-selector.


  • she goes away when her selector lose three times.
  • she become strong to the extent that her selector goes up for mugen-shojo.
  • LRIG has a certain "promise" so that she cannot make her selector not to carry out any battle nor discard the RLIG card itself, and LRIGs commnes "it" mutually.

Seeing from the points, it seems that WIXOSS battle has characteristics that cannot interfere with the world but just does only in the inside of selector.
For example, although there is no third person as supervisor who is charged in observing battle, every and each selectors obey the rule of WIXOSS without any cheat, and the rule restricts not only the players but even also other selector as an watcher by a standard which rules "intentional act", too difficult to be judged by any "third person".So it suggests that WIXOSS battle meddle in nothing but the spirit of selector, and LRIG acts beneath the rule which selector cannot overrule.

singularity of Ruuko

She, the protagonist of the anime, is indicated that she has no wish, in story many a time, and it seems that it made wrong influence on the relationship with her mother in her intimacy.In respect of her, the fact is that the act to play WIXOSS itself is very her wish and is an existence out of standard who has gift for game which she inherited from her grand-mother.

Iona : 「どうして、お礼言うの?」
Iona : 「戦いたかったんでしょ?」
Iona : 「ほんとは晶と戦いたかった――ううん、誰とでもいい、WIXOSSがしたかった、しかも真剣な――そうでしょう?」
Iona : 「私と、したい?」
Iona : 「あなた、願いが無い。願いも無い人が、セレクターとしてWIXOSSをやるなんて…冒涜、赦されない。」

Iona : 「あんたみたいなヤツに、セレクターバトルを汚してほしくない。」

In the world, there is a person who looks as another one out of standard, Urazoe Iona.There is some points that she goes for fastidiousness somehow, and her wish also must reflects it. And it looks adequate that she, who seems to have affinity with Ruuko's fear that goes away with her town, is expected to be an antagonist against Ruuko.
Provided that, that is capable of going out of my expctation that WIXOSS battle may interfere in the inside of (ex-)selector, I want to defer this matter, how mugen-shojo would appear, beforehand.

Gramma : 「そう、棒が入ったらね、この街ごと消えちゃうんじゃないかって」

According to the statement of Hanayo, it suggests that WIXOSS may interfere not only in the inside of (ex-)selector, but alos the outside.But it is that the effect appears in a shape, as Hanayo suffered, such as "to make her not to recognise her piano", it does not necessarily follow that it appears out of the inside of (ex-)selector.

Hanayo : 「弾けるピアノを失うか、弾ける体を失うか、とにかく、ピアノを失う人生を送る。」

outside world of WIXOSS world

Meanwhile, on how the present state that people aroud selectors, who has been left out the game, for Ruuko, that is to Yudzuki, Hitoe, and her mother, Yudzuki to Kadzuki (and Akira who resemble to herself), Hitoe to her family, Akira to her job and her staffs, are badly influenced by WIXOSS battle, will go, we may see them optimisticly.

The reason is because the influence by WIXOSS does not go any further out of the inside of selector in so far. And it suggests that selector might resolve it as well as the problem which she has originally.
In the case of Hitoe, it would do if she just make friend with a little courage. But it seems that she could not make friends for fear that she fail to do. But how big courage she has so that she challenge Akira to a battle! Now that she can see directly the fear as pain by WIXOSS, she should just remember her strength to overcome it.
In the case of Yudzuki, more simple than Hitoe. She should just push Kadzuki, her brother, down. Though she is said how immoral, and what not, now that she has been cornered, she should indulge herself to her heart's content.

And in so far, it seems it is the rule that LRIG has been in the deck and selector can only get it from a person who is not a selector.(Ruuko got Tama from her brother, and Yudzuki did from Kadzuki.) If that is the proof of characterics as a cardbattle, which cherish releationships with others, it does not just seem that this story goes one which cuts off the connection.

summary for the time being

From the beforementioned, though WIXOSS battle must distress the "selectors", the conclusion will not go one whichich is nothing but just simply dark, by the strength which the girls have originally.